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21 octobre 2009

A day in London

We took the train to london at 8.57 from Seaford. We had a connection in Lewes.  We arrived in London around 10.15 am. Then we took the subway  to Tower Hill where we saw the London Tower: This castle was built by  Guillaume le Conquérant. In this Castle lived Henri VIII, who inspired the story of  Barbe Bleue because he had many  women and had the reputation to kill them.

After we took again the subway, we saw Big Ben (this name to come a man who was big) and the London Eye ( the biggest wheel in the world) and Westminster.

Once again we took  the subway, this time we went to St James Park to see Buckingham palace: When the flag is raised the queen is here. We didn't see the royal horse guards but only two guards in blue next to the doors. The Queen lives here.

We take take the subway to got to  KnightsBridge where we went to see the Queen's shop : Harrods'. When she comes shopping,  the shop  is closed. We find objects with accessible prices but also objects with expensive prices . As a  change, once again the subway, a means of transportation which goes very fast, which probably saved us many traffic-jams.

This time we went to  Piccadily Circus to see the bright advertising signs. Then we go to Oxford circus where we  enjoyed a free time of three hours to go shopping. After that day very rewarding but also very exhausting we went to the station by subway and back to seaford at 20.45 pm.

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20 octobre 2009

A day in Salisbury...

Salisbury, is a medieval city in England. She's not that big nor small and beautiful. She has got many shops but less than London. In the city, there is a Cathedral who is very wonderful and important.

This cathedral was created on the water within 32 years and her spire reaches 150m.

Every day, they check the level of the water because if the level is too low, the Cathedral will collapse.

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The travel to England

On october 5th, we took the bus coach on monday morning at 7h20 AM to the ferry. We went through PARIS and we arrived in DIEPPE at 18h30 to take  the ferry. The trip took 13 hours.
We arrived at 10.00 pm in the youth hostel.

On Saturday, October 10th, we took the bus at 8.10 AM from the youth hostel.
We went to the ferry in newhaven at 9.30 AM. The trip of the Channel took 4 hours but many students were  seasick.
We arrived at 2.30 PM in the port to DIEPPE. We went  through PARIS and we saw the Eiffel tower.
We arrived in Mancy at 23.45 PM.

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14 octobre 2009

A day in Sussex

On wednesday morning, we  visited Bodium castle. It's a beautiful  medievial castle. In this litle castle lived 150 persons. Initially, the castle was built to prevent invasion from French vessel.

In the afternoon, we went to Smuggler's advendure . it's a network of tunnels dug in the cliff and used by smugglers. They smuggled goods such as  alcohol, spices, sugar, tabacco, because  the kings taxed heavily these goods.
Then we went shopping in a supermarket.

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A day in Brighton

Tuesday, we went to Brighton. In the afternoon, we visited the Royal Pavillion. It's a pavillion who belonged to Georges IV. His passion was asiatic art, he has been inspired by this style to build his pavillion. The visit was with an audio-guide. It was wonderful and very interesting.
After, this visit, we had free time, we  visited the city centre. We discovered the shops, the Brighton Pier. On the Pier there were video games, money games and roundabouts.

This day was nice and the city is beautiful.


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13 octobre 2009

A journey to England

P1030260In the next paragraphs, you will discover our school trip to England. This trip was part of our school curriculum, it is one of the stage d'ouverture.

Enjoy our experience.

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